Design Brief – Things You Need To Focus On

Design Brief – Things You Need To Focus On

Have you ever gotten a beautiful design idea and failed to create it? We’ve all been there. Not everyone is an artist at heart. Part of why design and branding agencies exist. You can always provide them with the idea you have in mind and they can provide you with the designs. This idea that you put forward to an agency is known as design brief.

Some of the best agencies in the world focus on creating a design that the customer wants. The design brief carries huge importance for both the designer and the client. But hey, why the importance? The clearer your brief is, the better your design can be.

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Things To Focus On The Design Brief:

Generally, people believe that a design brief is only describing what the design needs to be like. In reality, it needs to be more elaborative and discrete. So, without further ado, let us discuss the things you need to focus on when submitting a design brief.

Be Specific

Try to be as specific as you can. If you talk about fairy meadows in your logo design and receive just a flower as part of the actual thing, don’t be surprised. Your design brief wasn’t specific. For a brand identity, as beautiful as you want it, you need clarity in your statements. You can even submit a roughly drawn brief. It doesn’t matter if it looks bad, it will make it easier on the designer to get the idea.

Be Open To Suggestions

One thing you need to understand is that you’re not an artist while they are. Yes, you might feel like the idea you have is amazing while the designer might not feel so. While it might seem frustrating, it shouldn’t be. Trust your designer. Understand that all he or she wants is your design to look better. If you can’t let that happen, you’ll be wasting your own time. Expecting a design that you need is important, but acknowledging other concepts is also part of the play.

Be Strict On Deadlines

Being a brand identity design agency, we understand how important your time is. One of the many reasons why Design Proficient follows deadlines strictly. However, not all designers work that way. Don’t let a delay be part of the schedule. Don’t follow unrealistic deadlines either. In fact, it would be great if you keep your design agency in the loop for this design. However, once a deadline is decided, stick to it.

All in all, the design brief is a very important document that you need to submit in case you need a custom design made. Have your design brief ready? Don’t know which company to choose? Reach us at Design Proficient today!

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