Image Repair Theory – How to handle brand crisis?

Image Repair Theory – How to handle brand crisis?

If you’re one of those brand enthusiasts who love to keep their eyes tightly packed on major brands, you’re probably well-aware of the huge brand crisis that Pepsi faced. It was due to the malfunction in the advertisement that Pepsi recently released. The advertisement was aimed to reflect on equality, well…at least it aimed to do that. Because that really isn’t what actually happened and it turned out to be an absolute disaster. The advertisement had such a negative impact on the audience that the multinational corporation had to take it down and apologize to the audience.

Fast forward a few months and the company is back on track. In fact, nobody really remembers if that advertisement even existed. So, what happened? Well, what happened was that the PR department of Pepsi worked on the image of the whole application by applying the image repair theory. It’s easy to understand really all you have to focus on is a few simple steps.

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So, what is Image Repair Theory?

Well, in simple words, the Image Repair Theory is a small formula to use when a brand crisis occurs and the image of your brand is at risk. The image repair theory or the IMT basically allows you to focus on how you can get your brand back on track regardless of all the crisis that it has been facing. There are a few small steps that you need to follow in this regard.

Understand the complexity

The first thing that you need to understand is how complex is the situation. Panicking is the least that needs to be on your mind. Keep in mind that these things happen when you’re handling a brand and it is very easy to get rid of. Keep your head straight and preferably a team of consultants with you whenever you take any step.

Time To Brainstorm

Like I said, its preferable to have a team of consultants with you whenever you take a decision. However, it is also preferable to brainstorm a set of ideas with the desired team. In fact, take as many teams that you may want to brainstorm exactly the right solution. After you think that you have the right answer to get rid of the problem, apply and voila! You’re almost done.

Take Necessary Steps

Think there are some necessary steps that the situation demands? Well, go ahead and take them if the situation demands it. Keep in mind that the image of your brand is the most important thing hanging in the balance. If there are options that can be taken in order to protect it, be the first one to take action.

All in all, brand crisis isn’t as horrifying as it sounds like if taken care of properly. Think we missed out on something? Be the first one to tell us in the comments section!

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