Understanding The Design Needs Of Your Targeted Audience

Understanding The Design Needs Of Your Targeted Audience

As a freelance graphic designer, it’s a very common thought to create your own small business by offering design services to multiple clients. However, some designers offer design services as freelancers while others have a full business setup revolving around all design aspects required for their clients. Regardless of the nature of your design services, it is only fair to say that if any kind of design service needs to see growth the company or individual needs to know who they are targeting. Many designers believe that their services cater to everyone but that’s not true, in order to make it available for everyone they will have to use a lot of their resources which at the end of the day becomes an unnecessary risk when considering that they can easily just focus on targeting their clientele and in return saving time for producing quality work for their customers. Here are some basic steps that might help in the process of identifying your target market before you start designing.

Who are they?

The first thing is to know your target audience thoroughly. What they do, what they like, what they dislike, the type of products they use, what’s their age bracket. If you manage to answer some of these basic questions then be rest assured that you are on your way to chalking out a definite target market. The next step will be to get in-depth research material on your target audience. Further identifying your audience’s needs and requirements.

Thorough Research.

It’s not rocket science to find more information about your targeted audience. All the resources are out there to help you to literally know behavior patterns of your audience. Their purchasing habits, their favorite music genres, restaurants, favorite foods, fashion trends etc. All you have to do is use and study the demographics that are provided by most of the top social media platforms. This step is compulsory if you want to obtain and maintain a long lasting relationship with your customers.

Identifying your next step.

Once you have thoroughly identified and studied your targeted audiences, you now have to lock down how you’re going to satisfy your customer’s needs, what are the design elements you’re going to have to use that will help in leaving you with happy customers. Get into the details, chalk out the type of fonts your audience will appreciate, the color schemes that they find most attractive. This also allows you to throw in the element of surprise which always helps in getting more attention. Get comfortable with the knowledge that you have gained and start thinking of creative ways to execute the knowledge that you have acquired.

Start Designing!

At this point you should have all the information and research required to allow you to start putting your creative design ideas on paper, tailor made for your audience. You should know exactly what kind of design basics are required, like the typeface, color scheme, typography etc. Now is the time for you to bring out the designer in you and go crazy with it. Use the information about your audience in the most creative way possible and let your designing skills take over.

There you have it. Use the above basic guidelines and rest assured to have a design that will definitely please and cater to your audiences’ needs to the fullest. Good Luck!

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