5 best techniques design agencies follow

5 best techniques design agencies follow

Most of the intricate design techniques that design agencies follow these days are time-consuming and complex as they can definitely add a lot of depth and sophistication to a design. Having said that, if they are used in a wrong way, or over used, they tend to create distractions and annoy the viewers from the actual intended emphasis. The easiest and most effect way to have an impactful design is to keep it as simple and minimalistic as possible. In today’s world, simplicity has become the building block for many design agencies and individual designers. Here are some basic design techniques that drastically improve the dynamics of any design.

More contrast.

Adding more contrasting elements does not mean that it’s overdone. Contrast always attracts more attention and its use has started to gain a lot of popularity in the design world. Using contrast smartly draws audience towards specific elements that require a certain amount attention compared to the rest.


Even though advancements in design technologies has allowed the use of gradients to be easily accessible to all designers, its proper use is still considered a difficult art to master. However, the advantages of the impact gradients have on the overall look of a design are undoubtedly noticeable. Listed below are some of the types of gradients that are being used thoroughly by successful designers:

  • Horizontal, linear gradient.
  • Radial gradient.
  • Diagonal gradient.
  • Vertical linear fade.
  • Vertical gradient.

It is very important to maintain a subtle visual flow at all times when using gradients. This always compliments the overall integrity of the design and helps the rest of the design elements to gel perfectly together.


Identifying the right color scheme can be a challenging task but if mastered has a huge impact on any kind of design. However, the over use of colors always tends to draw the attention away from the design. Simply applying a four color pallet is the safest bet for all kinds of designs. Starting with four colors and gradually adding more is a technique used a lot these days by many successful designers.


Kerning or letter spacing is a very important skill to be mastered. The perfect letter spacing makes or breaks any kind of design. It plays a very important role in headlines, logos, paragraphs or anything that has text. It’s amazing to notice the impact letter spacing has on a logo design and designers across the globe have started to emphasize significantly more on mastering the skill of perfectly spacing letters in any kind of design.

Upper and Lower Casing.

It’s hard to imagine the impact a simple technique like the use of upper or lower case has on a design and yet some amateur designers completely overlook the importance of casing. Typography is completely dependent on the right use of the upper or lower case. It’s what makes or breaks a design, and if the designers have a knack for using the right case then their designs always stand out from the rest.

There you have it. The list of the best or most popular design techniques being used by designers these days. Follow these simple guidelines and you should have no trouble is achieving a great design for yourself or your clients. Good Luck!

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