3 huge benefits of brand storytelling via Animated Explainer Videos

3 huge benefits of brand storytelling via Animated Explainer Videos

Storytelling gives life to your brand. Strong storytelling is important for every brand as it clears all the confusions and create brand loyalty. The brand storytelling in animated videos for brand awareness bring in more loyal customers than faceless videos because it creates a connection towards the brand. Storytelling must include how important that brand is for the customers.

Importance of Animated Explainer Videos

Brand Awareness with Animated Explainer Videos

People seek entertainment everywhere. Animated explainer video does not only deliver brand’s message but also entertain the audience. Brand storytelling via animated explainer videos is the best way to create brand awareness. Animated explainer videos gives a human approach in brand storytelling. When animated characters interact with customers, it leaves a strong impact on them.
Brand awareness via animated explainer videos has increased from 32% to 65% from past few years hence it has become a useful tool for marketing.

Increase sales Via Explainer Videos

People are surrounded by different devices like mobile phone, tablets and desktops. Keeping all the target market in mind, marketer has to pitch the audience effectively. The foremost thing to increase sales via animated explainer videos is to link it with the next step i.e. buying. Explaining who you are is easy but making people buy your product is little bit challenging.

Common mistakes that marketer do in explainer videos is that they “ask” to buy the product. Brand storytelling should emphasize on the benefits of the brand and promises they fulfil. Attractive animated characters prompt in emails, social channels or websites with a strong content will make audience watch it at least once. Explainer videos should be scripted on a step by step approach. In explainer videos if you keep customer satisfaction on top priority telling them how beneficial you are will make your target audience to click on the link and give it a try.

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Strong message in short time

Animated explainer videos are easily assessable. Your target audience would not spend more than 30 seconds to know about who you are and how will you benefit them. People prefer explainer videos over texts as they can play and watch it while getting ready for office, having breakfast, or at subway. Animated explainer videos should cover all the C’s of your brand. It should be concise and completed. Explainer video should be delivered in a great fun way. By making a short explainer video you do not only convey your brand’s message but also increase your reach. For example, Uber has made an animated explainer video of around 26 seconds in which it highlighted the problem and its solution in a very creative way. It showed a girl running towards bus and missed it while another girl stepped into Uber calmly with a caption; “You can’t miss an Uber.”

People mark promotional emails as spam to avoid long texts. Email marketing doesn’t have to suck anymore as video marketing has become a new trend via emails too. Brand story via animated explainer video should not be longer than 2 minutes. Google rank your explainer video high on SEO only when it is short and understandable.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pen, sum-up your brand story and make it viral via video marketing.

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