How Material and Minimal 2D custom explainer videos can work for your business

How Material and Minimal 2D custom explainer videos can work for your business

2D animated videos are a compilation of flat images converted into motion graphics.
These are good for business explainer videos especially when you talk about facts and figures.

Customized 2D animated videos grab more attention

A personalized 2D animated video according to your brand persona, stands apart than your competitors. Viewers enjoy watching animated videos more, look and feel of these explainer videos work differently than live shoot videos.
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Customers get ample and brief brand message, in just a few seconds

Animated explainer videos start from introduction followed by problems, the solution your brand provide and ends at indirect action call. Designers who follow the same pattern for their clients are able to make complete and brief business explainer videos.

Surprises that effective script brings
People are more interested in how you benefit them, rather than who you are and how you work.
So, it is important to take note on this point and work on it.
Explainer video agencies have experienced script writers. Tell your agency about your brand in detail, answer all their questions and wait till they bring stunning attention grabbing script for your business explainer video.

Verbal learning via explainer videos’ voiceovers

2D animated videos do not only catch viewers by its animation but also do the verbal learning of your brand too. Your customers watch it and also listen to it. In this way they remember what they have watched. Engaging voiceovers consist of low or high tones and purposeful pauses, make your viewer watch your video till the end. Unclear voiceovers with hiss or noise in background, distracts viewers quickly.
Catchy slogan helps in viral advertising too. If your tagline/slogan sung melodically, everyone will start singing it along.

Possibility to re-create your 2D animated video further

Production of 2D animated videos already cost a lot. To cut your video spending in next business explainer video, you can ask your production agency to re-edit it with new features or anything you want to edit.  Whatever feature you want to add in the video, most of the time the introduction and action call will remain the same. Smart people make the introduction catchy for viewers to make them stay for the first 8 seconds which is the human attention span for any video.

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