7 Ways to Identify a Boring Explainer Video

7 Ways to Identify a Boring Explainer Video

Explainer videos are the best marketing tool to entertain and engage your target audience after a long tiring day, with a touch of your product selling point.
Your business explainer video should be produced professionally. It is very tough to decide a professional explainer video agency which can produce an effective video for your product or service as there are many of them in the market.

Too long Explainer video can be boring

Concise your explainer video as much as you can. Don’t make it longer than 90 seconds.  Do not fill it with more than 150 words, it will distract the audience’ focus. Long videos lose the track and it is difficult for the viewers to keep themselves on the same page.

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Using existing templates in your explainer video

Custom made explainer videos attract more customers than following the repeatedly same templates. Customization make you sound professional and you may earn credibility and spice of professionalism in the eyes of your viewers. Use characters that behave and act like your target audience. Make the script according to the life of your target audience, the way they talk, the words they use and create a surrounding in which they are living. It make them relate themselves to your product or service.

Jumbled Script

Script is the backbone of any explainer video. Strong script executed perfectly help you get more customers. Highlight the problem your target audience face with the solution your product or service provide, explain how it works and end it with how they can approach you.
If your script structure is not according to the questions occur while watching a video, then you must revise your script.

Low Quality Visuals and Transactions

Your video quality reflects your product or service quality. Technical awareness has increased the knowledge of common man too. Low quality videos are not enough for your business anymore. There is a lot of competition in video marketing. People notice every little detail of your video. Your video should have high resolution visuals, clear voice, perfect surrounding, easy language, perfect time duration and accurate syncing. There’s a lot of areas in video marketing to tackle but thanks to the video production agencies who offer all these services exclusively.

Focus on features but not on benefits

Many companies bore people by telling the algorithm, certifications and environment of their companies. People are not interested in how your product is tested and produced.
They are interested in how your product benefit them. How your product will improve their lives. Don’t use technical words to impress your viewers, if they won’t get it, they won’t buy it.

Lack of entertainment in explainer videos

People use Social media platforms in their leisure time. Explainer videos talking about facts and figures loses audience’s attention. Add engaging questions and attractive visuals. People prefer humorous content. Try to be as creative as you can.  Do something wacky as per your industry.

No slogan or copyrighted jingle

There are many explainer video which do not leave strong impression on the heart of viewers. Music and jingles appeal customers. Perfectly sung jingle make them sing along. Explainer videos with a plain background music and subtitles are just to watch and forget but if you have a pleasing slogan repeatedly used in explainer video, it will make them remember you for a long time.
Professional explainer video agencies take charge to avoid all of the above mistakes. It is necessary to have the knowledge of video production to keep a check and balance on your video agency.

7 Ways to Identify a Boring Explainer Video
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7 Ways to Identify a Boring Explainer Video
It is very tough to decide a professional explainer video agency which can produce an effective video for your product or service.Visit our blog
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