Insta-It! — 3 Tips to Make your Video an Instagram hit!

Insta-It! — 3 Tips to Make your Video an Instagram hit!

We all are familiar with Instagram and we know that along with fun many people are promoting their businesses and brands. Some of the brands are actually got popularity just because of Instagram among which Huda Beauty Products by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) is an amazing example.

Photo sharing and making them hit on Instagram is usual but when it comes to videos things are not that simple. People quickly scroll down in microseconds if they don’t find the video according to their mood and interest.

If you compare it with Facebook video liking formulas are entirely different for Instagram the reason is that on Facebook you have the margin of making video content popular through comment discussions and text box stories or material. On the Instagram platform, your strategies need tweaking because here you cannot initiate any discussion, the scrolling and skipping stuff is 30 times more often than Facebook and also people did not read long stories and text content much on Instagram.

To guide you, below are three tips that can make your video hit on Instagram especially when it is for promotion and marketing purposes.

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Come to the Point

You have video option on Instagram but there is no rewind and forward option and you cannot skip some part of the video. So make sure that from the beginning until the end you are précised and to the point. Dragging the stuff will make you lose your audience.

For commercial video, if it is a video for any product, start sho0wing the functionality and benefits of the product in the beginning. Long intros are not effective. Within 15seconds you have to put an impact on the viewers and a fact is that videos having a duration of 10seconds or less are more popular on Instagram.

So it is ideal to make put all essential information in the beginning so that before scrolling down in the middle of your video people can get the information and chances are high that this technique will make them wait and look for the whole video.

Show You Presence

Showing what you want to deliver is not enough. It sounds rude, but the reality is that why anyone should care about your content. To make them look you videos, you need to show your presence.

Follow back your followers. Give some time to look what they have to show, watch there video and put likes, or comments frequently. That will make them and their followers know that you are around and putting some attention to their content as well.

As a brand or a marketer, your presence and number of followers and people you are following is highly important. You can also follow other brands (not the competitors), usually, brand profiles have a huge number of followers so from there you can pick active, and interested people to follow and get followings in return.

Add Fun Element

Don’t make things bore, Instagram is not a platform for too much serious stuff. Mix fun elements in your videos. Add a song or god music in the background. If it is kind of a tutorial or shows how your product works, make it fun by adding some loud expressions, adding catchy dialogues, some dramatic effect or anything.

A blend of fun and brand promotion is 60times loved more on Instagram than just a normal brand promotional stuff.

So, for your upcoming Insta video keep these points in your mind and Insta-It with a style.

Insta-It! — 3 Tips to Make your Video an Instagram hit!
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Insta-It! — 3 Tips to Make your Video an Instagram hit!
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