Supercharging Video Content with 3D Animated Explainer Videos

Supercharging Video Content with 3D Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are productive and deliver brand message, product functions and needs in a better way. Rather than reading about any product or service 64 percent people prefer to look an explainer video.

Websites usually place explainer videos as prior content that`s why they are usually placed on the home page and at the top. Many brands launch explainer videos for social media marketing as well and in both domains, explainer videos are rocking.

3D Animation in explainer video adds a new spark because they show more details of product and service in less time. The form of the product is very clear, the usage can be defined easily and in multiple ways, they educate, deliver message 30times faster than normal explainer videos and people find them more interesting and indulging.

3D animation videos are also known as 3D CGI videos and are basically computer generated images used to manipulate to make various animated scenes and scenarios. This method generates dep0th and details so that products and characters look more realistic.

Mentioned are the elements of supercharging 3D animated video

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After research about the product or services, their uses, best features, and competitors a well-defined script of the video is written to generate an impact on consumers. A script is a source to generate understanding and it also adds expressions in the video. It also decides the placement of content and creates a flow in the video.


Voiceovers are dependent on the script. They are basically voice contents running with the video to add expressions and to define details in depth regarding the things going on in the video. The narration of videos in different languages and accents to give most of the visual representation.


Design of sketches is not mandatory but still essential steps. It helps directors and designers to have an imaginary view of the final video. Altering the video is easy at this stages that`s why many directors prefer to have a look at storyboards to understand the concept of the final product.


Fascinating visuals, artistic characters, and objects are added at this stage. Design of all these things are set at this stage and the video gets an overwhelming way of presentation. Uniqueness and artistic approach gives power to the concept. 3D modeling of the product is also generated at this stage.


Illustrations, designs and product models get a life at this stage. Adding animation to is basically making things move. For products that can perform multiple functions 3D animation is like a heaven. It generates a real-time view and shows the functionality of product at its max.

Music and sound FX

Sometimes voiceovers are not a part of video instead of that music or sound features are added. Sometimes along with the voiceover music is mixed to create a good impact. Sound FX makes the ongoing things in the video real. If a door is opening in the video a sound is added that resembles the real sound of the door.


Compilation of all the things. Final touch-ups and connecting all the things to each other before delivering it to the client. This is the final step now a fantastic 3D Animated Explainer Videos is ready to go on the market

Supercharging Video Content with 3D Animated Explainer Videos
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Supercharging Video Content with 3D Animated Explainer Videos
Rather than reading about any product or service 64 percent people prefer to look an explainer video.Read our blog to know more facts about Explainer videos
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