Is video marketing the future? Here‘s 3 reasons why!

Is video marketing the future? Here‘s 3 reasons why!

According to the article “Video Marketing: The Future of Content Marketing” published in Forbes Magazine video consumption trend is increasing rapidly because videos are projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

Videos over landing pages can actually help increase conversion rate by 80% and also an addition of a video to marketing emails boost up click-through rates by 200 to 300%. That is why marketers are already using video content to promoter brands and products. They also consider it as the power tool for future marketing plans. Here is three major reason.

Video Marketing Delivers Clear Brand Message to the Audience

Online videos are considered as a good way to create an image of any specific brand. Video delivers the brand message better than blogs. Another major benefit of video is that they explain functionality and usage of any product. A clear explanation of product actually helps users to evaluate whether they need that product or not.

The video is a creative way to deliver information even about the most boring thing. In minimum time a great count of information can be delivered without making viewers bore or fed up. Addition of illustrative characters, computer graphics and 3D modeling of products make the video interesting to watch. 70 percent of people prefer to watch a video about product, brand or service rather than reading a blog.

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Video Marketing Adds Value

90% of customers consider that videos assist them to make purchasing decisions. Product videos provoke human mind to generate an ease of life by using the specified product. It can be said that videos sometimes generate a need for the product and help brand owners to sell their products to the people who had never tried or think of their product.

Videos cover a wide number of the audience so the probability is high that a video will hit the targeted audience. That`s why marketers consider videos as a major tool to beat competitors and invest good budget in producing brand videos. Video marketing adds value to the brand and also make customers to understand the place of brand or product in their life.

Video Marketing Encourages Social Shares

The trend of video sharing sometimes makes videos viral. Any viral product video is actually a hit set for the brand owners and a source to increase sells up to 80%. Online videos are a great way to have organic traffic over the social media page and eventually over the website. 90% people share videos on social media platforms or send videos through messengers without the intention of promoting any brand or product but the brand owners get the full benefit. That`s why it is suggested to create a creative video and of a level that it can get viral or at least video have something for viewers for which they will share and spread the video.

Above mention, three reasons are genuine reasons that marketers present to the people to add video content to the marketing plan.

The Trend of Video Sharing
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The Trend of Video Sharing
The video is a creative way to deliver information even about the most boring thing.
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