How to optimize High impact web pages

How to optimize High impact web pages

Optimize high impact custom websites is crucial to keep people in the know and ready to do their part. Web developers will need to optimize high impact web pages. For convenience, I’ve collected several important tips:

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1st tip# Create great content

If you want to rank high in the search engine, then a high content can help you the most. Websites with a fresh, genuine and relevant content are more likely to get a chance to rank. Avoid grammatical mistakes and spelling lower. The question, how long the content should be? must be popping in your mind. Well, there’s no exact answer to it, but it should be at least not smaller than 500 words. In fact, for many, it is good minimum length for a typical blog post.

If we go with research, then it has shown that posts longer than 1000 words tend to rank better. Search engine likes authoritative posts with more than 2000 words. It means, if you want to improve your ranking chances in the future with in-depth articles or blogs, you have to focus on both quality and quantity. The content must be excellent in quality, should be more than 2000 words. So, try to make your writings fun to read, avoid being too much promotional, don’t be boring and assure your content should not look like a legal document. As an alternative, opt for friendly, amusing content.

2nd tip# Build backlinks to your website

You need to link your web content with other internal custom web pages. This would be beneficial to your audience, will help improve your website’s SEO, make it comfortable for readers to find something useful from your site.

3rd tip# Optimized URLs

It will benefit you more if you put keywords in URLs.  Make sure, the keywords you’re putting should be relevant and not inadequate.

4th tip# Page titles

Your website’s page must possess compelling and relevant title with some keywords. The title should be descriptive enough to grasp by the readers about the content. For instance, if your blog is about “Effective Logo Designing,” then a great title should be “Effective Logo Designing in ten easy tips” or “How to create an effective logo for your business.” However, make sure that your page title should not longer than 70 characters. Although Google will index lengthier page titles, they will be shortened in the search results.

5th tip# Header tags

It would be perfect to incorporate the keyword phrase in a header tag, but make sure you’re not spoiling it. The ideal way to include a keyword phrase in a header tag is to use the first heading on the web page as the search engine will pay more attention to H1.



6th tip# Make your Professional Web page load faster

For search engine how much time your website takes in load matters a lot. In fact, it is ranking factor for Google. New case study sheds light that when search engine added website speed into the Algorithm, sites that took more than five minutes to load had to face a severe drop in traffic from search engine. That means fixing page load speed is necessary which can be done by:

  • Check how much time your website takes to load.
  • Optimize your website or web page to improve the overall performance of it.
  • If you’re using a shared hosting server, you can try switching to a different hosting provider to see if it makes a positive difference. Measure performance again after making changes.
  • See if your website has any unnecessary things, remove all of them quickly.

Follow these tips and optimize your high impact web pages.

How to optimize High impact web pages
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How to optimize High impact web pages
Optimize high impact custom websites is crucial to keep people in the know and ready to do their part. Web developers will need to optimize high impact web pages.
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