10 Tips to rebrand your Company

10 Tips to rebrand your Company

American billionaire businessman, Scott Cook says, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” This valuable quote alone speaks so much about the significance of a brand and its effect beyond our thoughts. Branding depicts the entire personality, equity and image of the company. From logo design to campaign copy everything has a significant contribution in the company’s ideology, philosophy and core purpose of its message can be understood with the right kind of branding.

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Branding is the most powerful aspect of your company therefore you should be very careful about what it looks like and what things it shall reflect to your target market. Sometimes there are minor loopholes in your branding strategy that fail the brand and ultimately cause you to revamp the entire image of your brand all over again. Rebranding your company is a tricky decision that may also be pretty costly and companies who consider about rebranding should keep certain things in mind.

Here are a few tips that will help your business with the decision of rebranding taken righteously!

  1. Figure out the need

    – Determining the reason for rebranding is very important. The reason could be just anything but defined. It can be anything that covers a negative reputation that your company might have underwent or your customers simply don’t respond you the way you wanted them to. As the reasons are explored, they help you with a proper plan of rebranding.

  2. Create a Plan

    – For all kinds of decisions in any business, a proper roadmap is highly necessary. Once you have noted down the core points that trigger your mind towards getting a revamp on your company’s brand, you must create a plan of how to start doing it. Rebranding can possibly be started as simply as just changing the color of your company’s logo or twisting its design a bit.

  3. Revamp the Logo

    Redesigning the logo will be the most evident step while rebranding as the logo is the prime identity of any company. It would be good to start with it!

  4. Modify Packaging

    – If you are a company that sells certain kind of products then changing the package designs could also be an important tip. It is believed that the last and closest campaign that a company runs to reach out their customer is the product packaging so this can possibly be an important tool.

  5. Twist your Ad Campaigns

    – If your brand or company has been using a certain kind of content since forever, then maybe this is the right time to twist that a bit to give a revamped message to your audience.

  6. Do some Customer Research

    – Knowing your customers is good but learning what they need is very important. If you know what are the likes and dislikes of your customers, it becomes easier for you to recreate an image that matches well with their taste. Social Media is a helpful tool that can get you an appropriate response.

  7. Change Brand Colors –

    Playing around with your Brand’s color is a risky but effective approach of rebranding. Brand colors have a special kind of identity associated with your company.

  8. Compare your Brand

    – A sensible comparison between you and your competitors done beforehand can result in a proactive attempt for rebranding. You can learn from the achievements and mistakes made by them.

  9. Think Ahead

    Your rebranding strategies shall be aligned with your future plans. Thinking ahead vitally shall be a key that you keep in mind while changing the entire brand.

  10. Build a new Brand

    – Once you have checked through all the pros and cons, this is going to be your favorite part as you redesign and revamp your brand with slight modifications and introduce something ravishing into the market!



10 Tips to rebrand your Company
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10 Tips to rebrand your Company
Branding is the most powerful aspect of your company therefore you should be very careful about what it looks like and what things it shall reflect to your target market.
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