Top 8 Trending Web Development Technologies to Learn In 2018

Top 8 Trending Web Development Technologies to Learn In 2018

The field of web development is ever changing with a lot of new technologies keep coming up on a regular basis. It is an advanced trending industry for all web developers to make them keep updated with something new and unique.

For this year of 2018, here are the top 08 web development technology trends to must learn for every novice and experienced website developer for a better flourishing career.

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Word Press 4.9

Word press 4.9 “Tipton” is the latest version of the accessible content management system which has recently been introduced with user-friendly features. The updated key features are improved customizer workflow, coding enhancements with syntax highlighting and error checking, site building improvements, new gallery widget, and code editing experience. It delivers better UX customization, theme previewing, and theme switching features for customers.


PHP 7 is the newest version launched with revolutionary changes for customers to add a new set of features, functions, classes, interfaces, and global constants. The latest version offers easy code compilation into machine language by using the just in time lightning fast engine. It is 2x times faster and uses less memory for PHP 7 code base. It has also been introduced with new type declaration for efficiently reading and understanding the complex code. It also offers new operators and programming functions.


JavaScript is currently the highest demand programming language for web development in 2018. It offers popular front-end frameworks such as angular, react, ember, backbone, vue js, and an open-source, cross-platform node js runtime environment. It is an ideal tool for responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are a right combination of web and mobile apps and embrace the latest emerging technologies. These web apps provide an integrated user experience with some of the best features such as responsive design, push notification, cross-browser compatibility, enable offline connectivity, and secure data transfer.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages is an open source project by Google to help optimize faster mobile pages. It makes the mobile pages load quickly with less bounce rate and more click through rate. It helps provide the better ranking of a mobile website in search engines.


The secure socket layer and hypertext transfer protocol secure are essential components for providing a sense of safety and security of servers and network-based application clients. In 2018, it has become even more necessary for all kinds of websites to have an SSL and https certificate.

Single Page Application

Single page application is a modern era development trend for having high-performance fast loading web pages with cross-browser compatibility and less web development time. It provides a comfortable, customized, user-friendly experience with a content display on a single and straightforward web space for customers.

Functional Programming

Functional programming is a new programming paradigm which is based on pure mathematical functions. It provides benefits of error-free code, efficient parallel programming, and supports nested functions with immutable data.

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